Counter Rockets Artillery Mortars (CRAM)

Pictured here is our interferometer that tracks airborne rockets, artillery projectiles, mortar projectiles, and air breathing targets. The track data is utilized to evaluate the performance of weapons system sensors and other components that are tested at Yuma Proving Ground by the C-RAM Program.

Sentinel Mast

This enormous structure elevates the Sentinel radar above the trees in forested areas. It elevates the antenna 10 meters above the local terrain and supports the operation over a full spectrum of battlefield weather conditions.

Fire control radar interferometer test bed for Hypervelocity Terminal Defense Fire Control

Three receive antennas on vertices of a 10 meter baseline equilateral triangle provides measurement accuracy required to command guide gun launched projectile interceptors to direct hit-to- kill impact of incoming ballistic missile targets.

Projectile Tracking System radar interferometer on turret of Crusader Self-Propelled Howitzer

The system performs the function of an electronic forward observer by tracking the outgoing projectiles and computing the impact points. The impact data is used to register and adjust the Howitzer for subsequent fires. The system was installed on the Howitzer for two years through 7,000 rounds of fire.

TPQ 37 Receiver Exciter

This unit replaced two cabinets of legacy equipment with a singular 3U VME chassis.

PTS 3330 Precision Track and Search Radar Interferometer on Future Combat System Non Line of Sight Cannon (NLOS-C)

TA produced and installed eight systems on NLOS-C vehicles and supported the test program.