Technovative Applications:

Advancing precision tracking

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Welcome To Technovative Applications

For 30 years Technovative Applications has focused on designing and delivering cost effective solutions
for predicting impact, measuring impact, tracking and guiding airborne objects.

Interferometer Systems

TA’s family of Precision Track and Search (PTS) radar interferometers provide precision searching and tracking capabilities.

Projectile Tracking System

Technovative Applications is a leader in designing, developing and deploying advanced RF interferometric projectile tracking and guidance systems.

Mortar Tracking System

Technovative Applications has been a developer and provider of low cost RF sensor programs for over 20 years.

Short Range Missile Defense

Technovative Applications developed and deployed a proprietary RF interferometer based on precision tracking system technologies developed over the previous decades

Hypervelocity Weapon Fire Control System

Technovative Applications was an innovator in BMD (Ballistic Missile Defense) fire control systems in the late 1990’s.


Technovative Applications has a 20 year history of designing, developing and manufacturing subsystems for large military aerospace OEM customers.


Technovative Applications designs and develops a broad range of adjunct transceiver modules for munitions.


TA plays a pivotal role in the supply of critical customer designed components across a broad range of programs for US aerospace and DoD customers.

About Us

Technovative Applications develops radar interferometers for the United States Department of Defense and Homeland Security.
We specialize in fire control systems and radar interferometers for predicting and measuring impact, tracking and guiding airborne objects, and fire control system production.
Our systems use RF interferometry, an approach that provides the highest possible angular accuracy.